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Residential Services

City Hill Construction has provided residential services to Yates county and the surrounding areas since 1972. We pride ourselves in using the latest technology and equipment to ensure the very best result for your project. Please review our list of services below.

Foundation Excavation & Preparation

Finding the perfect spot to build a home can be challenging. Making that spot perfect for building is where City Hill will earn your respect.

From land clearing to shaping the earth to make your perfect building spot, site preparation is the first step in starting any project you may have.

Septic System Design, Installation & Service

We specialize in the installation of all types of septic systems, both conventional & unconventional. We also provide pumping & maintenance services for your existing septic system. Give us a call if you would like assistance with the design of your system, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Water & Drainage Systems

Your drainage system is vital to comfortable and safe home living, and when it is not installed correctly, it could lead to many problems. Whether you need to design and install the perfect drainage system or redirect the flow of water on your property, City Hill can help. We also do ponds!

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls require thought and planning just like any other building project. Soil properties, drainage, surcharge loads (additional weight from objects placed on top of the ground above retaining walls such as cars and trucks), height of the wall, bedrock geology, etc. all must be taken into consideration. Due to the amount of work and cost in building a retaining wall, if you're planning to build a wall over three feet tall, it pays to have a company like City Hill do it right the first time.

Streambank Stabilization

Proper streambank stabilization protects both private and public property. If you are an owner of a streamside property and need help understanding how to prevent or correct stream bank erosion problems, let us help! Streambank stabilization techniques utilize live plant materials, structural measures, or a combination of both.

In hopes of preserving our environment and offsetting the effects of human habitation, we appreciate the need for streambank protection and can assist you in selecting the most appropriate natural methods for correcting streambank erosion problems.

Top Soil, Gravel, Sand & Stone

We offer aggregate in various forms; crushed rock, sand, and gravel products for all of your residential property needs. You are welcome to pick your aggregate materials up or we will be happy to deliver to our customers in the Finger Lakes region and surrounding area. We also have cobbles, screened topsoil, bedding sand, blue clay, state approved item #4 & item #5, decorative boulders, pea stone, stone dust, gabion, clean fill and a great selection of landscape rocks! Call for prices.

Slinger Service Now Available!
Working in tight or limited spaces? We offer Slinger Trucks to save time and money. City Hill can deliver your soil, gravel or other aggregate right where you need it with our Slinger Service.

We offer a wide range of residential services that include site clearing, foundation excavation for new homes and additions, new driveway installation, installation and replacement of new utilities, installation of new septic systems, new lawn installation, new retaining walls.